Advertising — March 1, 2014 at 12:01 am

A Stranger in Paradise

0314-playthingsBY KEN FOUST

IMAGINE THE YEAR IS 1925, you’ve just been named toy buyer for a large store, and the company is sending you to the Annual Toy Show next February. It’s a dream assignment. Soon you’ll be surrounded by Buddy-L trucks, Orkin boats, J. & E. Stevens mechanical banks, and every circus wagon Hubley ever made. Of course you’ll take the train to New York; but then what?

Some sellers will have showrooms in office buildings; others will rent space and create displays in major hotels. Once there you’ll be shaking hands not only with sales reps, but with the founders of some of the largest toy companies in the country, but first you need to find them. Fortunately, a guidebook that fits in your pocket will tell you everything you need to know;
a guide that looks like this.

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