Auctions, Trains — November 1, 2013 at 1:49 pm

Jerni Train Collection Auction by Lankes Nov. 29-30 in Germany

IT IS, WITHOUT QUESTION, the world’s finest and most important collection of antique toy trains, train stations and railroad accessories – the 35,000-piece Jerni Collection. And it’s coming to auction, starting with an incomparable European selection to be offered November 29-30 at Lankes Auktionshaus in Dohlau, Germany.

Named jointly for Jerry and Nina Greene, the Jerni Collection is quite literally a railroad kingdom whose court includes the premier names of European train production of a century ago: Carette, Bing, Rock & Graner, Schoenner, Brianne, Plank – and, of course, the incomparable Marklin. Not only is it a collection of unfathomable size and uncompromising quality, it also features many exquisite rarities and “sole survivors,” like Marklin’s Church, Carette’s Post Office, and Rock & Graner’s largest train station with three halls.

Assembled over a 50-year period and displayed in six cavernous rooms, the Jerni Collection was rarely viewed in situ. However, its legendary reputation has made it the source of endless fascination within the train and toy-collecting community. Now its fabled contents will materialize before collectors’ eyes, as Part I is presented at auction November 29 and 30 at Lankes Auktionshaus.

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