Auctions, Soldiers — September 1, 2010 at 10:53 pm

Only Known Example

The next Vectis Military Civilian Figures, Equipment and Accessories sale will be held on Thursday, September 16, and the 600+ lot sale will be packed with rare and desirable items to suite all collecting tastes and pockets

AS ALREADY MENTIONED on the Vectis website (Latest News Column) the Britains Military section of the sale will include the only known example of The Drums and Bugles of the Middlesex Regiment. Contained in a 41 piece (the other contents comprise: Middlesex Regiment Marching at the Slope with Officer on Foot, Mounted Officer and Colour Bearer with “flat” type Union Jack Colour, Officers of the General Staff, 21st Lancers in Review Order and Small Gun of the Royal Artillery) Gamages set 1461 (English Cavalry and Infantry) two tier display box.

This is complimented by another rare (Britains for) Gamages set – 1458 – English Infantry – Band of the Middlesex Regiment, an 18 piece band with yellow facings (the first original boxed example to be offered by Vectis). Both sets were purchased as a special order from Gamages for Christmas 1938 by a serving Officer of the Middlesex Regiment for his Son, they have remained within the extended family for the intervening 72 years spending the last 50 years in loft storage.

In the Civilian figures section of the sale we offer our first example of Britains Set 1658 – John Cobb’s Railton Wonder Car with Chromium Plated Body. This car, only available during 1938/39 was priced at 1/- more than the standard (set 1656) model, consequently very few were sold. It is now extremely rare, this boxed example is in near Mint condition. Excellent examples of Britains Sets 1573 / 1506 H.M. King George VI / H.M. Queen Elizabeth in Coronation Robes, circa
1937 contained in generally excellent boxes with original inserts will also be offered. For the collector of Britains Farm Ranges we have three examples of scarce to find models: a Nestle World Cow with its original printed paper bag as issued, 2 x Suffolk Mares with a Foal and an Ayreshire Bull. Again all are in near Mint condition.

In the Other Makers section of the sale we have offerings from Astra, Mignot, Lucotte, Heyde, Heinrichsen, MIM, Ping and HR amongst others. Some fine Foot Knights (100 Years War period) signed by Frederic Ping, are accompanied by Roman and Viking sets from HR Reynolds, Napoleonics (Infantry, Cavalry and Artillery) from Lucotte and MIM, British Dragoons from Heinrichsen and German Hussars, Sikh Infantry and Beefeaters from Heyde.

The Catalogues and Books Section offers various titles by James Opie, catalogues from Britains and Timpo and the now (very scarce) guide to Britains “Racing Colours of Famous Owners, 1925-1960” compiled by the late Peter Kirk.

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