Auctions, Tin Toys — April 19, 2013 at 11:09 am

VCA’s May 30-June 2 Toy Auction in Las Vegas

LAS VEGAS, NV – A collection of over 1000 antique toys, including rare tin wind-ups, Japanese race cars from the 1950s and 60s, comic characters, robots, and other space-related items will be the main attraction of this spectacular four-day auction event on May 30 – June 2 held by Victorian Casino Antiques (VCA) at 4520 Arville St. #1, Las Vegas, NV 89103. In addition to this unprecedented toy collection, the event will showcase a stunning collection of antique sewing accessories such as brass and ceramic figural measuring tapes, needle cases, and pincushions.

Among the diverse offerings over the four days will include over 150 figural cookie jars, including hard to find items such as Champ and Blinkies jars, and an impressive selection of antique slot machines, coin operated machines, jukeboxes, and advertising collectibles gathered from select collections from around the country available for sale. “Because of the variety of categories we’re showcasing during this event, we expect all manner of bidding,” says Peter Sidlow, President of VCA.

“From the new collector to the veteran, both online and in person, this is by far the single biggest auction event we’ve been involved with and will attract the largest number of buyers we’ve ever dealt with.” Telephone and Internet bidding will be available all four days.

Day one of the auction, May 30, will be centered around some of the rarest cookie jars available nationally. Some noteworthy lots include the extremely rare Champ jars, designed by Don Winton for DeForest. Others include a series of Blinkies, and prototype Popeye and Olive Oyl jars, distinguished by their thicknecked bottoms. According to VCA’s in-house cookie jar specialist, the prototypes stand out because the subsequent mass-produced jars featured slim necks, making these initial originals must-haves for any rare jar collector.

Day one will also feature 250 lots of antique sewing accessories. Among the many standouts among these offerings, the detail of the brass needle cases attract one’s immediate attention, as well as do a number of rare Asian pincushions and some excellent examples of complete old-time sewing kits. That these kits are in mint condition will only add to the allure of their timeless craftsmanship. “ The uniqueness of the sewing items speaks to a specific section of the collecting community that recognizes what a significant opportunity we are offering,” says Sidlow.

Day two, on May 31, will be devoted exclusively to the toys. Featuring dozens of lots either “new in box” or “with box”, bidders will find cast iron and battery operated toys, aircraft, racecars, as well as celluloid figures. Space-related items, such as the Tom Corbett Space Cadet tin rocket are sure to spark a fond memory and are a notable addition to any toy collection.

Japanese racecars, such as the Atom and Diamond racers, make up just some of the collection, as does a ‘smoking’ Popeye toy. Dozens of Disney and Santa-related lots are also of interest. “ This is by far the best, and certainly the biggest, toy auction we’ve ever presented,” says Sidlow. “We’re excited to have the first event of this kind centered around such an impressive collection in Las Vegas.”

Days three and four, on June 1 and 2, will highlight what VCA auction events have become synonymous with in the industry: an extensive and high-quality selection of rare coin-operated machines, trade stimulators, and jukeboxes. During these days, buyers will have a chance to purchase rare coin operated machines like the Electric Defense Gun . For the slot machine collector, the addition of a Triplex Slot Machine to the auction is a notable lot. And more than one Climax 10 Gum Ball machines will attract the attention of knowledgeable collectors.

As is common to VCA auction events, a number of valuable antique cash registers will be available for sale. All items will be viewable on the VCA website,, beginning April 1. Auctions on all four days will begin at 9am, with on site preview beginning May 1. Preview schedule is Monday thru Friday 9am-3pm. For more information or to learn about consignment, you may call Dan Sidlow at 702-382-2466, or email him at To learn more about VCA and upcoming auctions, go to