Auctions, Coin-Ops — May 2, 2012 at 8:31 pm

Victorian Casino Antiques May Auction Features Getlan Collection

Lot #595- 5-cent/25-cent Caille Bros. Twin Double
Lot #595- 5-cent/25-cent Caille Bros. Twin Double
MELVIN AND ANNE GETLAN have spent more than 40 years meticulously building perhaps the finest collection of coin-operated devices in America. And 350 of their items will comprise much of the Victorian Casino Antiques Auction in Las Vegas on May 4th, 5th and 6th. The fact that the Getlan Collection features the very best in coin-operated gambling, vending, arcade and amusement pieces, has collectors seeking one-of-a-kinds and other sought after machines, making plans for this never-to-be-repeated opportunity.

These items are currently on display at VCA’s gallery. A more formal preview will be available on May 3rd from 10am to 5pm. The auction itself will commence at 9am on each of the following three days.

Auction flyers are available free to those contacting Victorian Casino Antiques.

For those seeking a more complete array and description, a full-color, hard-bound catalog is available for purchase at $40. Additionally, all of the items can be viewed on the website:

Special hotel rates are available to attendees at the Orleans Hotel and Casino, by calling 1-800-675-3267 and providing the reservation agent with code 2VCA03.

Featured auction items include:

• Lot #595- 5-cent/25-cent Caille Bros. Twin Double
• Lot #597- 1-cent “Chicago” Vending Machine
• Lot #700- 1-cent Caille Bros. Globe Poker Machine
• Lot #954- 1-cent Simplex “Electricity is Life” Shock Machine
• Lot #712- 1-cent “Blinkey Eye” Soda Mint Gum Vending Machine

There’s a good chance that there will never be another coin-op auction of the size and quality of this one. But if another should occur, it will likely be conducted by Victorian Casino Antiques.

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