Christmas — January 1, 2012 at 12:02 am

A Toy Christmas


EVEN THOUGH WE ARE ALL NOW ADULTS, Santa Claus is still a most welcome figure these days. And being antique toy collectors, we find Santa in our toy cars, stables, airplanes, sleighs, and in great numbers driving the engines of passenger toy trains.

Many of us have enough Christmas toys, some very old, to produce a splendid display in the house itself. One of the most festive I’ve ever seen is set up each December in the hilltop house of Tony Annese (left). The entire downstairs floor resembles what Santa’s Northpole Workshop must look like before the 25th of December.

Would you like a peek into this magnificent collection? Thought you would. Here’s a set of early toys that highlight Tony’s Christmas spirit each year. Can you imagine a house full of toys like these?

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