Christmas — December 1, 2013 at 12:02 am

Wonder and Delight: A Dolph Gotelli Christmas

Dolph Gotelli
Dolph Gotelli
DOLPH GOTELLI HAS been playing with his toys for over 60 years. As a young boy with a large imagination, he made toy circuses and parades in his garden with his toys.

Also known as Father Christmas, Gotelli has been a Christmas and toy collector since the 1960s. For 35 years, as Professor of Design at University of California at Davis, he taught his students the value of retuning to childhood and keeping the element of fantasy play in their lives. His creativity class focused on exercising imagination and the concept of Fantasy as related to Design. The first session found his class outside on the lawn playing childhood games as “drop the handkerchief” and “ring around the rosey.” Final projects often involved the design of a moving toy.

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