Events — February 1, 2013 at 12:01 am

A Child’s World: Exhibit at Old Sturbridge Village Through May 27

Tin horse pull toy, c. 1845
Tin horse pull toy, c. 1845
STURBRIDGE, MA – Old Sturbridge Village historians will explore the changing world of children in the early 1800s with a new exhibit, A Child’s World: Childhood in 19th-Century New England, on display October 13 through Memorial Day, May 27, 2013. For the first time, nearly 150 rare children’s toys, games, puzzles, portraits, clothing, and furniture from the museum’s collection will be exhibited together.

The Village highlighted the new exhibit with a day-long Collectors’ Forum on Saturday, Oct. 13, and featured noted scholars, connoisseurs, collectors and enthusiasts. OSV Collectors’ Forum speakers included Colleen Callahan, Independent Historian: Put the Manly Breeches On: Boys’ Clothing as Symbols of Manhood in the 19th Century; Laura E. Johnson, PhD., Associate Curator at Historic New England: From Stays to Skeleton Suits: Dressing Children in Early America; Chris Bates, Old Sturbridge Village Costume Coordinator: Making A Portrait Come Alive: Creating Reproduction Clothing at Old Sturbridge Village, presented with Rebecca Beall, Old Sturbridge Village Collections Manager, and Jean Contino, Old Sturbridge Village Coordinator of Households and Women’s Crafts.

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