Magazine Preview — January 1, 2014 at 12:03 am

Antique Toy World Magazine for January 2014


0114-atw-slideshowDon’t miss the Antique Toy World Magazine for January 2014. Here’s what’s inside:

Petroliana & Automobilia Specialist Matthews Auction Co. to Operate as Division of Morphy’s, Effective Jan. 1
The 25th Annual Smoky Mountain Antique Toy & Pedal Car Show
Photos from the Allentown Toy Show November 2, 2013
Rare Antique Pepsin Gum Embossed Tin Dispenser, a One-Cent Coin-Op Machine with Fortune Teller, Realizes
$57,000 at Showtime Auctions
TV Series Based on Morphy Auctions Debuts in Australia
Marchesini Fords By Steve Butler
Focal Point By Steve Butler
Here’s Why “Antique City” is Setting a Record Registration for Bethlehem on April 12 & 13
Victorian Casino Antiques Fall 2013 Auction Highlights
DFW Elite Toy Museum Salesman Samples
The Coasting Bank Part 3 – A Mystery Solved By Sy Schreckinger
Photos from the Chicago Toy Show October 27, 2013
Rare Beacon Ethyl Gasoline Sign Made Circa 1940 in Great Condition Brings $55,000 at Matthews Auctions’
Fall Peotone Auction, Oct. 17-18
Show Calendar
Classified Ads
The Quiz By John West

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