Mechanical Bank Notes — September 4, 2012 at 2:02 pm

Crescent Cash Register

Crescent Cash Register
Crescent Cash Register

A PENNY SAVED IS A penny earned”. “Save for a rainy day”. Proverbs such as these were meaningful, wise lessons taught to youngsters in an earlier America. The creation of toy penny banks was an entertaining and appealing means designed to encourage thrift and frugality.

The period spanning 1869 to 1935 saw the birth of greater than five hundred different mechanical banks. Subjects were diverse, ranging from circus performances, sports, architecture, children at play, historical events, animals and birds, various occupations, etc…

However, and surprisingly, one commonplace object, that of the utilitarian cash register, appears to have rarely been utilized as a subject.
What would more aptly represent a toy mechanical savings bank than this classic mercantile appliance?

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