Mechanical Bank Notes — January 1, 2012 at 12:02 am

Ideal Bureau

Ideal Bureau
Ideal Bureau

MAGIC, IN THE FORM of illusions, slight of hand, and “disappearing” coin tricks have amazed and fascinated young and old alike.

Nineteenth and early twentieth century designers and manufacturers of novelty items, including mechanical banks, were well aware of the public’s beguilement. This became evident by their introduction of various “magical” apparatus.

Amongst these items was the “trick drawer, disappearing coin” box, a popular illusionary device that became commonplace in sundry shops and country stores of the period. Several classic examples of mechanical banks reflecting this particular theme included: “Automatic Surprise Money Box”, “Trick Savings Bank”, “Chandlers Bank”, “Child’s Bank”, “Darkey In the Chimney”, “Bureau Bank, Serrill’s Patent”, “Freedman’s Bureau”, “Give Me A Penny”, “Model Savings Bank”, “Presto Bank” and our subject,
“Ideal Bureau”.

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