Mechanical Bank Notes — August 1, 2012 at 11:43 am

Pinball Game Vending Bank

Pinball Game Vending Bank
Pinball Game Vending Bank

“PINBALL GAME VENDING Bank,” subject of this article, is a most interesting and entertaining mechanical. It is a distinguished member of the category generally
referred to as “Vending Banks”.

A vending bank, by definition, is a mechanical money savings device that, upon deposition of a coin, dispenses either a confection, a receipt or a ticket. It was, as were all mechanical banks, designed to teach children the virtues of thrift.

However, in this instance, it also provided a tasty chocolate wafer as reward to the youthful depositor. “Pinball Game Vending Bank” is unique to the category since it is not only a vending bank but also a game of chance. This aspect is demonstrated upon its activation. A coin is placed through the slot located to the left of the chimney. This causes the candy-dispensing drawer to open. One may also drop a steel ball through the bank’s chimney, resulting in its bouncing randomly against the pins.

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