Banks, Mechanical Bank Notes — May 3, 2012 at 2:18 pm

Still Banks: Desirable Additions to a Mechanical Bank Collection

Home Bank
Home Bank

DURING THE LATTER portion of the nineteenth century, several foundries primarily involved in the manufacture of cast iron mechanical banks also produced various still banks. These banks closely resembled their mechanical counterparts in both design and appearance.

The following examples, and ones that are considered by mechanical bank devotees to be worthy of display adjacent to their mechanical equivalents, include: “Hall’s Lilliput Bank” still bank, and the “Home Bank” still bank. “Hall’s Lilliput Bank” still bank was manufactured by the J. and E. Stevens Company of Cromwell, Connecticut. It was originally designed as a mechanical bank by Mr. John Hall of Watertown, Massachusetts, and patented on April 24, 1877.

The “Home Bank” still bank was also a product of the J. and E. Stevens Foundry. Its creator was Mr. Doras A. Stiles of Middletown, Connecticut. It, too, was originally designed and patented as a mechanical bank. Its patent date was July 16, 1872.

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