Banks, Mechanical Bank Notes — September 1, 2011 at 12:09 am

Tank and Cannon and Cupola Bank, Part 2: Attractive Color Variations


THE WORLD OF MECHANICAL banks encompasses a multitude of subjects and a variety of themes. Over the years avid collectors have been known to discuss and, occasionally, ponder over the intricacies of individual examples.

In many instances, color variations of particular banks have provoked interesting theories and speculation. Those variations exhibiting highly chromatic differences are often favored due to their assumedly “more attractive” appearance. Sadly, other less colorful examples are often overlooked. Our subjects, this article, are two such mechanical banks that exemplify being “overshadowed” by their more “flamboyant” brethren.

“Tank and Cannon” and “Cupola Bank” had been featured previously in Antique Toy World, i.e. June 1997 and August 1996, respectively. “Tank and Cannon”, as portrayed in the aforementioned 1997 article, exhibited a dark brown japan finish, accented with gold highlights. In contrast, the example seen here had been painted a vivid camouflage-applied color scheme.

“Tank and Cannon” was created by Robert Eastwood Starkie and his wife, Nellie, of Burnley, England. They were assigned British Patent Number 122,123 on January 16, 1919. Subsequently, on May 4, 1920 the Starkies were also issued United States Patent Number
1,338,879 for that same creation.

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