Banks, Mechanical Bank Notes — August 1, 2011 at 12:08 am

Wireless Bank


ONE OF THE MOST popular categories of both still and mechanical banks is the representation of a building, whether it be a commercial, residential or historical structure. Interestingly, the very first patented, commercially produced cast iron mechanical bank was introduced in 1869. Its subject was a bank building familiarly known as “Halls Excelsior”.

In contrast, those mechanicals that derive their action from an electrical-operated source represent the smallest group. The unique and interesting “Wireless Bank”, subject of this article and seen in Figure 2, enjoys inclusion in both the building and
battery-operated categories.

“Wireless Bank” was the creation of Christian Berger of New York, for which, on January 5, 1926, he was granted Patent Number 1,568.711. His patent illustrates four detailed drawings pertaining to the exterior design and internal components of the mechanical. Mr. Berger subsequently assigned patent rights to a Frederick L. Sawyer of Evanston, Illinois.

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