Now Hear This — August 1, 2011 at 12:08 am

Elegance Personified


THERE MAY INDEED come a time when your collecting fervor begins to abate a bit. An antique toy collection can only grow so large before you find you have to slow down or else add a room or two to the manse. It may be that by now you have your great toys displayed in every single room of the house except the laundry room—and that only because it’s too damp.

What’s more, there always seem to be new surprises. If you have already garnered all the Marklins, Carettes, Plancks, Ives, Hubleys, Marx, J.E.P.’s, Arcades and Bubs you’ve known and hungered for, you must be totally content, yes? Ridiculous statement, that.

Well, what’s left to do, then? Where can you go from this point without considering variations or lesser models of the things you already own? Listen up.

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