Now Hear This — February 1, 2011 at 12:01 am

Now Hear This: Just Horching Around


Karl Bub Horch from 1938-1939.
Karl Bub Horch from 1938-1939.
IN THE NOVEMBER 2010 issue of our fair magazine, I wrote an article about Tipp & Company, a fine German tinplate toy manufacturer whose output, especially during the 30s, was magnificent. In it, along with nine other pictures of Tipp’s largess, I featured a rather fuzzy shot.

A letter from Olaf Haahr arrived on my desk later in that month. He lives in Vejle, Denmark, and very courteously informed me that—horrors!—can it really be true?!—that i had mistaken the true identity of that particular toy.

Oh, no, not again, Herbert. I have often been reminded that, about a dozen or so years ago in these pages, I placed the motors of an American B-36 military aircraft toy on the wrong side of the wing. I’m still hearing about that from some seasoned collectors who remind me of that error with a flashing smile that closely resembles a giggle.

Well, it appears I’ve done it again. That fuzzy picture—which does look like a Mercedes from that same 1938-’39 period—is, in reality, a HORCH, and was built, not by Tipp, but by Karl Bub.