Now Hear This — July 1, 2011 at 12:08 am

Now Hear This: Toy Decanters


DURING THE SPAN of years between 1969 and 1992, we antique toy collectors—if we were old enough—might have been just a tad less sober than usual.

Why? Those were the years when many of our liquor distillers decided to add hard plastic toy figures to contain their booze in order to augment the sales of their usual glass bottles of the stuff.

Whoa! Suddenly, on our dealer’s shelves, we could find toy Ferryboats, Racers, Fire Engines, Speedboats, and all manner of Antique and Sports Cars, 15-20″ in length. They were all hiding pint-sized porcelain china decanters of the more popular liquors within the toy. And they looked marvelous. The cost was about $50.00 and, if you looked at it that way, the grog was free.

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