Now Hear This — January 1, 2011 at 12:14 am

Now Hear This: Vital Changes


How long have you personally been collecting antique toys?

That long, huh?

Well, by now you must be aware that our captivating little hobby has, in all probability, changed our lives in ways we hadn’t really noticed.

Nonsense, you say. You haven’t changed in the slightest, least of all to accommodate an activity that is not fundamental to our way of living
It’s been all fun and games. Well, yes it has, excepting…

  • You can no longer pass up certain Antique Shops.
  • You’ve learned to become a master carpenter, building endless shelves.
  • You’ve gathered a huge stack of old magazines, especially the Antique Toy World.
  • You’ve learned to re-string toy boats, and repair toy buildings.
  • You’ve created a photographic library of your collection. All of it.

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