Now Hear This — June 1, 2012 at 12:01 am

Unknown Ship

Unknown Ship
Unknown Ship

I WOULD REALLY LIKE TO KNOW more about this toy. I’ve never before even seen any toy ship like this one, have you?

It’s 16″ in overall length, but not meant to be sailed in any body of water. There’s no motor, but the ship sports eight figures in unlikely top hats,
who have no oars. There’s no provision anywhere in all that elaborate topography for any kind of sail. With that Dragon’s roaring head at the prow, this boat is obviously meant for some very special maritime celebration, I’d guess.

I found it in Curacao, the southernmost part of the Caribbean Islands, which leaves me to suspect the toy, in hard plastic, was probably created in one of the South American countries. It’s a Celebrity Ship, certainly, but not like any nautical design I’ve ever seen.

Let me hear your thoughts. If you know about this fascinating toy, can you get me one of those hats?

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