Pressed Steel — November 1, 2010 at 12:10 am

Peddles Up!


I recently restored three pedal cars and had them sitting on the floor in the living room, primarily because there was no good place to showcase them. I didn’t want them to get bumped with the vacuum cleaner or slobbered on by our dogs, so I had to come up with something better and decided to fabricate a fantasy “old store display”—something that you might have seen in a Western Auto store of the ’40s.

I wanted it to have a commercial look and feel, so I drew plans that would accommodate all three cars, showcasing each in a “store-like” fashion. The unit is 8′ high, 3′ wide and 2′ deep. Each shelf is tilted on a 22 degree angle so the “customer” can see inside each car—decal, seat pad, etc. I built the entire display out of wood & clad it with pegboard to give it more of that commercial look.

Slots were cut on the backside of each shelf for the right-hand side wheels to fit into and therefore cause the cars to not slide down and off the shelves. The front wheels are slightly slanted to offer a more dimensional view of each car.

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