Shows — April 3, 2017 at 3:08 pm

Chicago Toy Show: April 23, 2017 8AM-3PM

WE ARE RESPONDING to the demands of today’s competitive market by re-inventing our facilities to illustrate that the combination of our six buildings makes the enormous Chicago Toy Show the largest and most interesting of all events. There is no toy show anywhere in the country with the quality and range in merchandise that we feature throughout our exhibit halls. After long and careful consideration, and to better serve registration needs, we are making changes in the content of our buildings. The Chicago Toy Show will now feature three enormous high-ceiling exhibit halls full of TOYS (East, West, and Exhibit A) backed by three more exhibit halls featuring TOYS (Trades North, Trades South, and Rabbit), with two buildings full of DOLLS (Robinson Kitchen and the Atrium). We will become a Mega Show like no other, and we will do it with reasonable booth prices, reasonable admission fees, reasonable food, and free parking. Just wait until you see us in April !

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