Shows — April 1, 2011 at 12:02 am

Chicago Toy Show Celebrates 38th Year

THESE PHOTOGRAPHS FROM PAST Chicago Toy Shows by Antique World Shows, Inc. represent the range and quality that are typical of the antique/collectible toys and dolls brought to each event.

This show is a favorite of antique toy collectors because it is always a source of rare, unusual, and valuable pieces. Featuring the earliest manufactured toys, prewar and post-war articles, as well as vintage collectibles, the range of items at this show is phenomenal and the quality is superb.

This Chicago Toy Show is also the source of international friendships and long distance companionships that have formed over 38 years as collectors meet others interested in the hobby. If there is anything toy collectors enjoy more than looking at their assembled treasures, it is sharing the pastime with others. Friends are made around the world and from state to state based upon their interest in toys.

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