Shows — February 1, 2011 at 12:01 am

Greater York Toy Extravaganza Report


WELL HERE WE are again. It’s Thanksgiving weekend and time for our 29th Annual Toy Show.

Tuesday and Wednesday were spent setting up the 783 tables and making sure everything was in its correct place. Thursday and Friday were spent with the
family and enjoying Thanksgiving. Saturday morning came cold, but, clear skies. Spent Saturday putting finishing touches on placing signs and getting ready to let the dealers and early buyers in at 5 p.m. Setup is Saturday night from 5-9, and Sunday 7-9, show hours 9-3. Weather cold, but clear, about 85% of our dealers setup on Saturday night.

So much going on, setting up, buying and selling among dealers and early buyers. What a variety of merchandise was set up (vintage toys, dolls, action figures, Hot Wheels, and everything else you can think of). 9:00 came fast, time to get some sleep or try to. Sunday morning came quick, cold and clear again. A great day to open doors for balance of dealers and early buyers, a total of 118 early buyers had a great time, lots of buying.

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