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Norm Schaut Expands Antique City April 14-15

Norm Schaut Expands Antique City April 14-15
Norm Schaut Expands Antique City April 14-15
IT HAS BEEN REPORTED that attendance between the first and second editions of the ‘Antique City’ Fun Fair, Pennsylvania’s largest and most diversified indoor show, increased by nearly 400% and deposits have been received for over 80% of the booths in the third edition, scheduled for April 14 and 15.

With a performance like that, why would producer Norman Schaut change anything?

“A number of veteran exhibitors who did our first show in 1986 suggested that the event would be an even bigger draw if we returned to one megashow a year as it was during the fabulous first eight years in the Miss America Auditorium on the boardwalk,” Schaut reports.

“In addition, several of the specialized, high end dealers told us that it is difficult to come up with sufficient
fine and fresh merchandise to satisfy buyers in the same market twice every year.

“Continuing at Oaks would have required a significant increase from $210 to $250 for a pipe and draped booth or we would have had to reduce advertising. Both are out of the question at this point in the economy. When retail is slow, it’s time for more advertising. Not less.

Fun Fair’s new and permanent location is the enormous Lehigh University Fieldhouse in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, a vaulted ceiling, column-free and carpeted facility that hosts regional home and automobile shows.
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