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The Chicago Toy Show: Sunday, April 28th, 2013

Chicago Toy Show
Chicago Toy Show
WHAT IS THE Chicago Toy Show? It is a gathering of rare and unusual collectibles and antiques that are brought from all parts of the USA and Europe to the largest show in the world that specializes in toys. It is an interstate and international gathering of collectors and hobbyists who all share both their love for toys and their knowledge of manufactures, dates, colors, materials, authenticities and labels. Toys in choice collections everywhere have been sold several times in their history at this show during its 40-year reign. Tin and cast iron automotives, miniatures, die cast, dolls, bears, Star Wars, action figures, holiday items, and everything the children played with is displayed for your collection and your enjoyment. If it was a toy or a doll, it will turn up here.

Sunday, April 28 is our 40th year and our 113th show at the same location with the same management, but with more exhibitors than ever, and with more toys and dolls than anyone can imagine. Come to Kane County Fairgrounds, 525 South Randall Rd, St. Charles Il 60174 and treat your eyes from 8:00am to 3:00pm. Complete information is on our website at

Serious collectors know they will find those must-have items somewhere at each show. Although this hobby can represent a sizeable investment, there is more to toy collecting than cold and hard investment facts. Playthings have charm and nostalgia that work their way into everyone’s heart. Playthings conjure up memories of other eras, of history, of sentimental feelings toward one’s own childhood treasures. Who doesn’t have pleasant memories of their own toys? Who would not pay the price to add something really rare or different to their collection? Unusual collectibles and unbelievable bargains appear everywhere at this show.

Enjoy six enormous buildings loaded with toys and dolls. The PEC Atrium kitchen serves hearty food and snacks all day. Parking is free, adults are $9.00, and children under 12 are free. Items that could be the highlights in your collection are waiting for you.