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TOYMANIA Paris Antique Toy Show — Started in 1980 by Jacky Broutin

TOYMANIA Paris Antique Toy Show
TOYMANIA Paris Antique Toy Show
THE LATEST TOYMANIA SHOW just passed on December 8, 2013 and I must say I was very pleased and surprised that my baby was doing so well. I sold it in 1989, as a two full days show, twice a year. Each show could bring 6,000 visitors, exhibitors, collectors during those two days.

But in the meantime the world has changed, and we could see like everywhere in the world that the shows were not as good as they used to be. Now most of them are only a one day show, but still twice a year like Chicago, Paris, and Tokyo.

My baby was born in May 1980. It had no name at that time, just Paris swap meet, and it stayed like that until 1983 when I gave the show a real name, trademark deposit in Paris France to the official brand name bureau.

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