Soldiers, Tin Toys — October 1, 2011 at 12:03 am

D-LZ 127


The Graf Zeppelin was the world’s most successful airship. In spite of having only an 80 mph cruising speed this huge craft
was able, during 9 years of service beginning in 1928, to circle the globe, make 590 flights, and travel over one million miles.

The Luftschiff had truly mind boggling statistics. It was 776 ft. long, 100 ft. in diameter and could lift 132,000
pounds. It was powered by five 550 hp Maybach engines that could burn either Blaugas or gasoline. During its career
13,100 passengers and 53 tons of mail were carried. Cargo and mail were the ship’s main sources of revenue.

Its gas
cells held 3,700,00 cu ft of hydrogen, the latter being the reason for the Graf Zeppelin to be taken from service after the
Hindenburg disaster in May of 1937. After sitting idle for three years Hermann Goering ordered this beautiful airship
scrapped for the duralumin to feed the Nazi war machine.
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