Soldiers — August 1, 2016 at 11:19 am

Tru-Craft: A Small But Sturdy Line of Soldiers


By Henry I. Kurtz

IN THE 1930’s a missionary named Cecil Jackson, based in Singapore, produced as a hobby small-scale railroad figures to complement his Lionel railroad set.

When the Second World War loomed on the horizon and the Japanese Army began its march across Asia, Jackson gathered up his family and his molds and relocated to Los Angeles. There he hooked up with a sculptor named Carl Romanelli.

Together the two men expanded the line of 38mm figures of what became known as the Tru-Craft Manufacturing Company to include U. S. Army and Navy figures and medical corps personnel. They included a military policeman (snowdrop), army sergeant and officer. An unusual vignette depicted an army rifleman prodding a captured Japanese soldier with a bayonet.

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