Steve Butler — December 1, 2012 at 12:01 am

A Ponderment

A Ponderment
A Ponderment

PART OF THE INTEREST in toy collecting involves finding answers to questions. Who built what, when, for how long, using what materials, in which colors other such ponderments, singularly or in combination, often arise.

Such is the case for a small trailer that entered my collection several years ago. I don’t even recall where or when I got it but know that it did cost me $80.

Before venturing into the realm of the unknown trailer a bit of possibly relevant background is offered. Tootsietoy issued in about
1936 an item they called their camper trailer. It’s not an uncommon piece but it does have an unusual design feature. Unlike virtually all trailers issued prior and since, this Tootsietoy was not designed in any fashion to attach to the rear bumper of a tow vehicle. Rather, it was intended to be attached to the rear axle, more specifically to the rear axle of any of their 3-inch series of vehicles of that era.

At the front of the tongue extending from the trailer body is a small box-like piece with sides and bottom open. The open-box design slipped easily over the rear axle of the likes of their 1935 Fords. Apparently, there was no concern for slipping to either side on the axle as would be prevented by the pin/hole type of attachment. Pictured is a Tootsietoy 1935 Ford with their camper trailer attached.

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