Steve Butler — March 1, 2014 at 12:01 am

An Aristotle Set

Marx #5150 Traffic Set
Marx #5150 Traffic Set

SOME TOY MAKER came up with the idea of combining multiple, standard production toys and packaging them together in one box thus creating the “set” or “gift set” concept. This concept increased sales with a minimal impact on cost increases for only the packaging. Tootsietoy was possibly the originator because they issued sets in the 1920s. Marx, a firm not likely to overlook its sales vs. cost ratio, became adept at it. One of their combination sets surfaced recently and is described herein.

The set is identified on the original corrugated cardboard box in bold red lettering as a Marx #5150 TRAFFIC SET. The traffic set consists of the following four toys typically sold as singles with minimal changes as noted:

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