Steve Butler — April 1, 2011 at 12:02 am

Approaching Perfection


IN THIS TOY COLLECTING HOBBY there are several adjectives that are chronically misused. Included in the group are original, mint, scarce and rare among many others.

Misuse of these adjectives most often occurs when toys are offered for sale. Where and how seems to make no difference, shows, auctions, internet—still no difference. Consequently and unfortunately, these words are received by many with some apprehension.

So what’s a person to do when wanting to describe a toy using original, mint scarce and/or rare such as in this article? Lacking suitable substitutes for this narrative, these words will be totally avoided and the term “perfection” will be the point of reference.

The toy in question is a “Goodrich Service Truck”, which may be confused with but is not really the same as a tow truck or a wrecker. Rather, it is a tire service truck.

Metalcraft was the manufacturer and the date of issue was circa 1938 or so. Per its box the truck was made using “HEAVY STEEL CONSTRUCTION” (i.e. pressed steel) and painted with a “BAKED ENAMEL FINISH” with the cab in red and the rear in white. A dark blue overlaid stencil on each side of the rear advertises “B.F Goodrich Silvertown Tires.” Not coincidentally, the same brand is found on all four mounted and three spare tires The boom centered in the rear is unfinished steel equipped with a white cord and a stamped steel tow hook.

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