Steve Butler — July 2, 2012 at 11:22 pm

Better than Internet Rare

Better than Internet Rare
Better than Internet Rare

THERE ARE several reasons why an article about a toy may be worth writing and reading. One of those reasons would be the relative rarity of the toy because a truly rare toy should pique considerable interest among collectors. In preparation for this article, a search was made of an internet auction site to see how many toys were listed
and/or described as being “rare.”

The number found was 603,159.

Thinking that some sellers may have possibly exaggerated and thus demeaned that adjective, the use of “scarce” was counted. That number was 9,019 – closer to but still far from reality.

One would think that “rare” carries a confidence level that approximates that of a politician’s promise. (But rare seems not be the most overused adjective found in the internet toy auction listings. The more likely winner was “mint” with 1,236,269 toy descriptions using that word.) Featured herein are a couple of 1930’s sedans lacking an appropriate sans overused or overstated adjectives to describe how uncommon they really are.

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