Steve Butler — April 4, 2013 at 7:45 pm

Bug Stuff

Bug Stuff
Bug Stuff

MANY OF US who squander our time at automobile events such as Hershey and Carlisle have become acquainted with others who recurringly do so. We have become aware that aficionados of certain makes of full-sized vehicles are more frugal than others in spending for related automobilia. There seems to be no correlation between such frugality and relative value/status of the preferred marque. Thus, a Yugo enthusiast is not necessarily less willing to part with a dollar than a Roll Royce enthusiast. Among the more
eager spenders are persons who favor Buicks, International trucks and Volkswagens as examples.

Persons that frequent the aforementioned types of events are often inspired to purchase toy versions of their favored vehicles. Thus, presented herein are a couple of VW’s that may have a wider interest base than toy versions of other makes, perhaps Yugos or Rolls Royces.

The first VW is a Beetle issued by Tootsietoy in the 1960’s. The majority of these 3-inch sedans that are encountered are metallic tan (almost copper) in color. All seem to have vinyl tires marked “TOOTSIETOY.” It’s a very common VW, but the pictured example is not. The VW that is presented is painted yellow and has interesting door and roof decals. The former are black and red and read “SHIPLEY PHOTO SERVICE.” The latter is just black and reads “A SNAP DECISION YOU’LL NEVER REGRET.”

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