Steve Butler — July 1, 2011 at 12:08 am

Color Determinations


COLOR CONSIDERATIONS ARE covered in marketing 101, probably even in the first week of the course. The undeniable fact is that color sells with some colors much better than others. Consider the colors used for political campaign posters and signs, packaging for the most popular soft drinks, and lately the popular movie rental vending machines. Red tops the list.

In fact, in the collector car market, the term “resale red” was coined to explain why the red car will generally fetch more money that an otherwise identical car of a different color.

Color considerations were and continue to be extremely important to toy makers. Ever considered the high percentage of cast iron vehicles in red? How about pressed steel trucks or any trucks for that matter? Next time you view any collection of toy trucks, take note of the use of red, even if only the cab or trailer of two-tone issues. Okay, there are blues and greens and some silvers for realism but still a lot of reds.

Readers may recall the January 2011 issue of this magazine wherein Saunders Hot Rods were presented. In the article the possible color choices were mentioned. Per factory literature the toys could be ordered is cases of all red or cases containing red, yellow and green. Hubley with their # 509 Custom Sports Car provides
another example. Per their factory catalog this car, actually a 1953-55 Corvette, was offered only in red. Some did appear in unadvertised yellow as well.

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