Pressed Steel, Steve Butler — August 1, 2012 at 11:04 am

Daily Double

Daily Double by Steve Butler
Daily Double by Steve Butler

TO WIN the Daily Double, a person has to pick the winning horse in each of two consecutive races. “Daily Double” was probably not the best title for this article, but it seemed better and more catchy than “Annual Double.” Besides, both toys were winners and, next November I’m going for a Trifecta.

On consecutive outings at the Allentown Toy Show, I’ve made significant bets each time on seemingly sure things – both pressed steel toys and both painted white. I’ve known of punters that always pick gray horses, and at Allentown I seem to be going for “whites.” It’s both curious and coincidental that both of the toys presented herein weren’t selected until late in the show and well after the dealers and early buyers had spent hours scouring the tables for the best bets and/or the best bargains.

Winner #1 – The pressed steel toy that had languished atop the seller’s table at the 2010 show while awaiting its new home was a Steelcraft Lockheed Sirius. Such identification is amply documented via decals on the aircraft. At rest the plane just looks like a speedy ride, at least for its era (circa 1936). Then there are several other elements that also add to its racy looks.

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