Pressed Steel, Steve Butler — March 1, 2016 at 12:00 am

Doubling Up


By Steve Butler

ABOUT ONE YEAR to the day after acquiring the Wyandotte Cord that inspired the September, 2015 article in this magazine, a second Wyandotte Cord worthy of acquisition was encountered. That encounter was unusual for two reasons. First, although while these Cords are not uncommon, finding a decent example that is complete with no missing or replacement parts and with original paint lacking significant chipping is unusual. The second reason is that the second Cord, which is presented herein was quite different from the first.

When pictured together, many of the differences become quite evident. The first and earlier Cord, which is red/yellow and was issued in 1937, measures 13/8 inches. That’s 1/4 inches longer than the second and later Cord, which is yellow/blue. The difference in lengths
is because the later Cord was issued without front and rear bumpers.