Steve Butler — August 1, 2013 at 6:24 pm

Focal Point: Griffin Campaign Truck

Focal Point: Griffin Campaign Truck
Focal Point: Griffin Campaign Truck
Griffin Campaign Truck
Pyro Plastics Corporation – 1954


Throughout the early 1950’s Pyro produced a number of small plastic toys including many trucks using the same 5.1-inch cab and chassis. Different models were issued by varying the colors of and by attaching different rears to that chassis. One such rear was that of a beverage truck which was most appropriately used by Pyro for their yellow Coca-Cola trucks but also found on their white/black “RANGE PATROL” truck.

The truck parked above beside a “RANGE PATROL” truck is a red/black truck of the same configuration. However, found on the center divider on the rear of that truck is “GET ON THE Griffin Bandwagon” heat-stamped in white. On the back also heat-stamped in white is found “ELECT MARVIN GRIFFIN GOVERNOR.”

In 1954 Samuel Marvin Griffin was a gubernatorial candidate in Georgia. He won the election and served from 1955 to 1959 as the seventy-second governor of that state. He did not run for re-election, a factor that dates this toy most probably to 1954 – if not, then 1953. This truck is one of three that surfaced at an Atlanta, Georgia flea market about 30 years ago. The fates of the other two are not known.

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