Steve Butler — January 1, 2017 at 12:00 am

Identity Issues

By Steve Butler

DURING THE 1950s Japanese makers issued numerous tin toy autos of generic design. Many were packaged in boxes with labels having graphics and names promising toy renditions of prominent American cars. The contents, however, were often rather bulbous items that seldom lived up to the promise of the Nash, or Cadillac or Chrysler, etc. appearing on the packaging.

An example of one such car was issued in a box picturing a green 2-door sedan and containing the name “SKYLARK.” The first Skylark was issued by Buick in 1953 and was a convertible not a 2-door sedan. It was actually a Roadmaster, a 50th year Buick anniversary limited edition.

Thus, the green car depicted on the box pretty much guaranteed that the contents would not be a toy Skylark.

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