Steve Butler — October 1, 2011 at 12:03 am

New Recruits


CONDITION, APPEAL AND SCARCITY are the three primary criteria for new additions to my toy collection. Featured herein are two new recruits which scored highly at least on the first and third criteria. One is mint/boxed and the other rated about excellent with at least the remains of the original box – so much for condition.

As for scarcity, I’ve never seen a complete example of either truck. In fact, until last November, I was not aware that either truck existed. In my book, they passed scarcity with ease. That leaves appeal which may come through when the paragraphs to follow and related photos are addressed.

The first Army recruit was made by Topping circa 1955 and was a promotional likely created to garner a production contract with the Army. Army trucks of the era are rather generic in design having been produced by a possible variety of manufacturers.

However, after a moderate investigative effort, it seems quite likely that this 8.5-inch truck (excluding the overhang of the rocket) is a GMC M-35.

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