Steve Butler — September 4, 2012 at 10:28 am


A novelty item issued in 1949 by Fishlov, a set of 'Yakity-Yak TALKING TEETH' with the original box.
A novelty item issued in 1949 by Fishlov, a set of ‘Yakity-Yak TALKING TEETH’ with the original box.

CAST IRON, JAPANESE TIN, ornate pedal cars, large pressed steel trucks and other toys that change hands for megabucks are admirable items – things of rare and lasting beauty and desired by multitudes. But the fact is that many or most collectors fondly remember their childhood playthings with such recollections integral to the foundation of their toy collecting pursuits. The original cost of such toys was perhaps a dime or less and their popularity cannot be ignored.

Popularity-wise, some of the dime-or-so toys were absurdly successful and continue to be fondly remembered. One of the more significant issues was a pair magnetic dogs issued by H. Fishelov (a.k.a. H. Fishlove and H. F. & CO.) & Company in 1949. Over 1,000,000 pairs were sold according to the son of the founder of that company. The black and white Scottie dogs (or Scottie & Westie) were sold in a box as “TRICKY DOGS” under Fishelov’s patent number 2,249,454. The box included use instructions on the rear.

Much more could be added if this were a narrative devoted to Fishelov and it’s products. The company developed and sold millions of copies of numerous toys beginning in the late 1920’s, mostly novelty items. Included were Tootsietoy doll furniture toilets in gag gift boxes, oversize sunglasses and windup chattering teeth. Of course, the company added to their magnetic pair sets and other companies copied them as well.

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