Advertising, Steve Butler, Tootsietoy — November 1, 2010 at 12:07 am

Promotional Adaptations


Confusing, then explaining the issue seems the best way to describe what is meant by a “promotional adaptation.” This will take a number of words, so a bit of patience is needed.

“Adaptation” is the easy part and simply means using an item for a purpose other than for which it was intended. It’s the “promotional” part that can be confusing for a few reasons.

First, there’s a whole group of toy vehicles out there called “promotionals” that generally consists of model-like items specifically produced and used to promote new vehicle sales. Second, some items are produced with advertising imprints of varied types by the manufacturer as: a) standard production and retail distribution issues, or b) specifically and solely intended for the distribution by
the business represented by the imprint. Finally, a designation of “private label” is given the latter (b) items which are/were ordered and made for promotional purposes.

A “promotional adaptation” is a “standard production and retail distribution issue” [see (a) above] that was adapted by, other than
the manufacturer, adding some type of advertising imprints and thereafter used for promotional purposes. Hopefully that’s clear, but if not, the following examples by Tootsietoy should help.

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