Steve Butler, Tootsietoy — May 1, 2013 at 12:01 am



RECENTLY I MET VIA email and telephone a gentleman named Greg who was formerly employed at Tootsietoy. Much of our earliest exchanges concerned a production process called squeezing. Unfamiliar with the term and much of the process, it nevertheless seemed that I may possess an example of a squeezing. So, I sent him a photo of the Tootsietoy Datsun 280ZX items pictured herein.

I found his responses fascinating and of probable interest to other collectors. So, with very judicious and minor literary polishing, I have included below the information as I received it from Greg.

• “Yup, what you have is a squeezing. It also dates to the time that I was at Tootsietoys. In fact, this was one of my projects. Really curious to know how it got out of Tootsietoys. This is the ONLY one that I have seen besides those that I have. To my knowledge, squeezing is the right name. This term was commonly used among model makers, tool and die makers, and molding companies.”

• “The typical toy production process consists of: A pattern/model (usually wood) is produced/sculpted by a model maker. The model is usually twice the size of the intended final product to better capture fine detail of the item.”

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