Steve Butler — October 1, 2010 at 9:26 pm

Steve Butler: Maker Unknown


TOY SERVICE stations make excellent stages for the display of collectible toy vehicles. However, most stations are quite large. Conserving display space has tended to be the primary reason for not purchasing any of the many service stations offered for sale each year. That ended, however, a couple of weeks ago.

The featured exception is the relatively small, blue building with yellow markings appearing herein. Sizewise it is only 7 by 9.9 inches, an easy shelf fit. The yellow markings centered on the front read “TOYLAND Service CENTER” as opposed to “some-brand” service station. Note that the distinction between “service center” and “service station” might add some interest to this outfit as do the sign and gas pump.

The former is red with yellow lettering that advertises tires as opposed to gasoline for sale. The latter is blue with yellow markings including a meter in the center that curiously resembles a clock.

However, one feature has significant appeal to a certain devoted segment of collectors. That is the large depiction of a 1948-49 Hudson coupe, a very neat and unusual graphic.

Steve Butler: Maker Unknown

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