Steve Butler — February 1, 2013 at 12:01 am

The Last Bus Out?

The Last Bus Out?
The Last Bus Out?

SHORTLY BEFORE the TRAILWAYS article by Steve Butler appeared in the September ATW issue, I came across a toy that I’d never seen before.

It was a plastic bus in its original box. The end of the box clearly stated what was enclosed: No. 3254 TRAILWAYS THRU-LINER BUS. Below this information was “TRU-MINIATURES made by PRODUCT MINIATURE CO., INC. MILWAUKEE 14, WISC.

Inside was the bus, however, the paint scheme differed from the one in the September issue. It was a molded white plastic body, raised letters that read “TRAILWAYS” and painted red, with a red painted strip around the entire bus. It has a metal frame, a wheel configuration of 2 × 4 × 2. A front axle with two tires followed by the first rear axel containing four tires, then the final rear axle with two tires. All are rubber and held in
place with a push-on nut. The front axel and wheels can be positioned to roll straight, left or right. The September picture of the bus shows that it has THRU-LINER lettering just before the TRAILWAYS lettering. Mine on the other hand has no lettering in that location, even though the picture on the box shows that wording. The same is true for the front of the bus, mine is blank.

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