Steve Butler — June 30, 2013 at 9:22 pm

Topping a Habit

Topping a Habit
Topping a Habit

TOPPING Models of Akron Ohio specialized in desktop models of airplanes and did a fine job on them. When they ventured from planes to other subject matter, they did not do a fine job – they did a great job. I have formed a habit of buying their greater toys (actually models) and describing them in Antique Toy World shortly thereafter. Thus far, readers may have appreciated the following presentations:

  • Topping Ferguson Tractor – ATW for March 2003
  • Topping White 3000 – ATW for October 2004
  • Topping International/Mayflower Prototype and White 3000TD – ATW for September 2005
  • Topping GMC Missile Launcher – ATW for October 2011

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