Steve Butler — September 1, 2011 at 12:09 am



THESE THREE BUSSES represent only a sample of the several post-war Trailways busses available to toy collectors. Trailways’ attractive designs and colors have always made them popular subjects for miniature versions. Some semblance to realism adds to the appeal, and each of the three are renditions of actual models, two that found highway use and one prototype that never made it.

Ideal Toy Corporation – model 3093
This 9.7-inch plastic bus has a raised panel on the left side reading “NATIONAL TRAILWAYS BUS SYSTEM” in red and white. The Trailways markings and some other highlights are in red contrasting with the white/gray color scheme. The bus was likely issued in about 1952 and seems intended to be a rendition of a GMC model 4102 or 4103, which are of quite similar design.

The original box advertises three design features. One is a “LUGGAGE COMPARTMENT IN REAR” which actually refers to the functional engine compartment access door. Another is that the “PASSENGER DOOR OPENS AND CLOSES.” That’s true enough; however, note that it and the rear compartment door are highly susceptible to breakage and often missing. Finally there is the “CHANGEABLE DESTINATION SIGN” that rotates to display NEW YORK, BOSTON, CHICAGO or DALLAS. The original box also notes that “IT’S A WONDERFUL TOY ….” and the box with its graphics are wonderful as well.

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