Tin Toys — September 1, 2013 at 12:01 am

40 Years of Friendship


ALL ARTICLES I have written for Antique Toy World magazine during these past 20 years were mainly about people, antique toy collectors, more than
about the toys by themselves. For sure we have a common thread between all of us “ANTIQUE TOYS”, but we also have the pleasure of meeting other people from all over the world.

So I met my good old friend Mr. UNO Kikuo, from Yokohama Japan, 40 years ago when he was still the secretary of another toy dealer. Even if Kikuo does not speak English or French we always manage to make ourselves understood. I am personally getting older and I thought it was time for me to go to Japan and see my two long time friends Tsuneaki NIIKURA and Kikuo UNO.

I was very lucky as Kikuo, was just moving to a new shop. Still around the same place, Motomachi market in Yokohama, on the 2nd floor of a building. Yes in Japan, shops can go up to the 5th or 6th floors. I did ask him a few questions to refresh my memory.

ATW: Why and when did you start collecting or become interested in miniature cars?

Kikuo: In 1959, Japan did produce it’s first die cast models made by Modelpet and Diapet. Then the first models coming from England mainly: Dinky and Corgi were arriving in 1960. I did start collecting in 1962, but these models were very expensive at that time and most of the kids were just dreaming of having one. Since then, I never stop loving the models cars, all kind, all material.

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