Steve Butler, Tin Toys — November 1, 2016 at 10:30 am

A Car and Its Trailer


by Steve Butler

FEATURED IS an automobile pulling a camping trailer. This pair surfaced at an auction as part of a box lot containing about 50 Marx steel vehicles of the same scale that were first issued in the 1930’s.

Initially, the car appears to be just another of the 4.2-inch Airflows used by Marx as loads on train cars and as accessories for larger toys (i.e. their Modern Metal Bungalow, Gull Service Station & General Alarm Fire House). Then viewers may realize they have never seen this Airflow in black, and the possibility of a repaint arises. But not so. To have repainted this car, the grill unit, wheels and axles and the windup motor would have had to been removed requiring some bending then rebending of the body.

No evidence that occurred. A suitable black light (of 365 nanometers) later confirmed the originality of the paint.

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