Tin Toys — November 1, 2016 at 10:25 am

A Rare Find in Argentina


By M. Aaron Roy

WHEN TRAVELING OVERSEAS, my wife (non-toy collector with little interest in toys) and I regularly visit local antique districts and/or large flea markets. Obviously I look for toys and Robin will often remind me to look at a toy “hidden” in a cluttered shop or under a table which I had overlooked. This is exactly how “I” discovered the DOAK 16.

Earlier this year we spent some time in Buenos Aires. Fortunately we were there on a Sunday for Feria de san Pedro Telmo in Plaza Dorrego. This relatively small plaza was filled with dealers displaying many quality old items, including many with toys for sale while one even specialized in toys. Side streets branching out from the plaza had both temporary booths (with many craft-type items) as well as permanent retail shops or vendors located within “mini-malls” which made up this antique district.

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